Cooperation With The Professional Community (CPC)

The primary purpose of CPC, like all of Alcoholics Anonymous, is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. The PI/CPC committee brings the AA message to professionals and to students at professional schools, helping them to understand how and why AA works. AA has always valued friends in all professional fields. These associations have been mutually beneficial and are completely in keeping with the AA Traditions.

The importance of cooperating with doctors, social workers, and other professionals was emphasized by Bill W almost from the beginning of AA. You are invited to read an inspirational article he wrote that is reprinted in a 1958 issue of Grapevine magazine, “LET’S BE FRIENDLY WITH OUR FRIENDS.” CLICK HERE

CPC informs professionals and future professionals about AA — what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do. It attempts to establish better communication between AA and professionals, and to find simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating.

This includes alcoholism or substance abuse counselors; armed forces officers, unit commanders or military chaplains; athletic coaches; corrections officers; court officials; educators; employers or employee assistance professionals; faith leaders (clergy, ministers, rabbis, etc.); health care professionals (doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.); judges; juvenile services professionals; law enforcement officers; lawyers (defense attorney, prosecutor0; probation or parole professionals; professional students; public health officials; senior services professionals; social workers; union officials; and anyone who deals with problem drinkers in the course of their work.

A CPC Workbook consists of service material compiled by AA World Services from the practical experience of AA members; it reflects guidance given through the Twelve Traditions and the General Service Conference IU.S./Canada): CLICK HERE

A CPC Kit organizes extensive resources from with links to AA guidelines, service material, pamphlets, publications, literature catalogs, scripts for Public Service announcements, Grapevine magazine resources, etc.: CLICK HERE

CPC Guidelines, published by the General Service Office, compiles the shared experience of A.A. members; they also reflect guidance given through the Twelve Traditions and the General Service Conference (U.S. and Canada). In keeping with our Tradition of Autonomy, except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole, most decisions are made by the group conscience of the members involved. The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist in reaching an informed group conscience. CLICK HERE