Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community (PICPC)

The PI/CPC Committee invites you to learn about this service work and attend our monthly meeting!

Contacts made by the PI/CPC Committee with the general public and professionals have the potential to carry the AA message to many sick alcoholics – this is our 12th Step multiplied!

This webpage explains the purpose, methods and best practices of PI and CPC service work. It provides links to additional resources, including GSO Workbooks and Brochures. It also suggests ways for committee members to get started.

PURPOSE: The PI/CPC Committee provides accurate information about Alcoholics Anonymous to a wide variety of individuals and groups, to help carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Although AA World Services describes PI and CPC separately, EVI has combined them into one committee.

METHODS: Committee procedures include responding to requests for information; developing an Email or Postal Mail Letter of Introduction and sending it to potential audiences; supplying written literature and making in-person or remote Zoom presentations; identifying and obtaining needed resources such as staffing, tables, banners, literature racks and pamphlets; and providing reports at monthly PI/CPC Committee meetings.

All activities are performed according to The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, particularly Tradition 11: “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.”

PUBLIC INFORMATION (PI) provides accurate AA information to the general public and local media. CLICK HERE for a description of PI activities and available resources.

COOPERATION WITH THE PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY (CPC) provides accurate AA information to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession. CLICK HERE for a description of CPC activities and available resources.

When beginning a new service commitment, it often is difficult to know where to begin! To get started, please read these SEVEN SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO GET INVOLVED WITH THE COMMITTEE. CLICK HERE

The PI/CPC Committee has formed 11 subcommittees for outreach to various target audiences; this may suggest areas of service activity for you to investigate. CLICK HERE

THESE FIVE PAMPHLETS will provide a foundation of knowledge for PI/CPC work:

Speaking At Non-AA Meetings — For A.A.s asked to speak to organizations outside the Fellowship about A.A., alcoholism, and the alcoholic, it suggests what to say and how to say it.

Understanding Anonymity — Explains clearly what anonymity means both within and outside A.A.

How AA Members Cooperate With Professionals — Answers specific queries on working within A.A. Traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions — Answers the questions most frequently asked about A.A. by alcoholics seeking help, as well as by their families and friends.

The Twelve Traditions Illustrated — Based on a Grapevine series, presents both the spirit and the practical application of our 12 Traditions.

PLEASE JOIN US at our next PI/CPC committee meeting! We meet from 7 to 8 pm on the first Monday each month.

The meeting is a hybrid format: in person at EVI Office (1855 E Southern Ave. #103, Mesa 85204) with masks and social distancing – and online via Zoom (meeting ID of 984 4383 7353 and passcode of 061035).

EMAIL the committee for more information. Email: