Suggestions For Getting Involved With The PI/CPC Committee

When beginning a new service commitment, it often is difficult to know where to begin! To get started, please read these six suggestions on how to get involved with the PI/CPC Committee.

  1. Attend each monthly committee meeting.
  2. Share the minutes and activities of the meeting with your Home Group.
  3. Ask if your Home Group would like to adopt a specific professional area, to help provide info in your location or to partner with an existing subcommittee.
  4. Become familiar with available materials, including the PI Workbook, CPC Workbook, Pamphlets, Videos, and PowerPoint Presentations.

  5. Talk with the Committee Chairperson to ask questions and discuss ways you may be of help.
  6. Attend announced workshops and roundtables for PI and CPC (in-person and online).