Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community (PICPC)

Public Information

The purpose of P.I. service work is to provide accurate A.A. information to the public when requested. P.I. volunteers visit schools, businesses and community meetings for this purpose. They also serve as resources for our friends in the local media, emphasizing our Traditions of anonymity, singleness of purpose and non-affiliation, as well as offering A.A. public service announcements to print media, radio and television stations.

Cooperation with the Professional Community

Cooperating with nonalcoholic professionals is an effective way to carry the message to the sick alcoholic. AA Member volunteers provide information about A.A. to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession. This group includes health care professionals, hospitals, educators, members of the clergy, lawyers, social workers, union leaders, and industrial managers, as well as those working in the field of alcoholism. Information is provided about what we are, what we are not, what we can do, and what we cannot do. 

Learn more about our PICPC committee and volunteer opportunities

The PI/CPC committee is always seeking volunteers for the following opportunities. If you are able to help, please attend the next committee meeting.

How We Do It
-Event Booths
-Direct Calls
“The Public” Includes
-Students of all ages
-DUI Classes
-Senior Citizens
-Church Groups
“Professionals” Includes
-Health Fairs-Social Workers
  • Meetings: 1st Monday at the EVI Office and Online – We meet at 7:00pm, on the 1st Monday each month on Zoom and also at the EVI Central Office 1855 E Southern Ave. #103, Mesa. Zoom ID 984 4383 7353 Passcode: 061035
  • Email the committee for the Zoom link, or for more information. Email:

Resources for PICPC Committee Members